• In-vivo RESOLFT in D. melanogaster
    Schnorrenberg et al., eLIFE 5 2016

  • Human Colorectal Cancer
    Ilgen et al., PLoS One 2014

  • Human Mitochondria
    Confocal vs. STED superresolution microscopy

  • Human Mitochondria
    Mitochondria, nucleus and actin labeled

  • Dreiklang

  • 3D Structure of Living Yeast


How is a cell organized? How are organelles and especially mitochondria organized on the nanoscale? The investigation of the nanoscale architecture and dynamics of mitochondria in health and diseases requires super-resolution light microscopy (nanoscopy). We are using various super-resolution techniques to address these questions. We also design, develop and investigate novel fluorescent probes, most notably reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins (RSFPs) that make live-cell nanoscopy possible.

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