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Lab Members

Research on RSFPs is part of a larger research initiative of the department of NanoBiophotonics.

Photo of Stefan Jakobs

Stefan Jakobs

Head of the group

+49 551 201 2531

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Photo of Mariam Barbot

Mariam Barbot

Postdoc (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2540

Photo of Christian Brüser

Christian Brüser

Postdoc (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2592

Photo of Florian Habenstein

Florian Habenstein

Doctoral Student (RSFP)

+49 551 201 2575

Photo of Peter Ilgen

Peter Ilgen


+49 551 201 2571

Photo of Isabelle Jansen

Isabelle Jansen

Doctoral Student (RSFP)

+49 551 201 2567

Photo of Nickels Jensen

Nickels Jensen

Postdoc (RSFP)

+49 551 201 2517/2529

Photo of Timo Konen

Timo Konen

Doctoral Student (RSFP)

+49 551 201 2567

Photo of Felix Lange

Felix Lange

Doctoral Student (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2593

Photo of Sylvia Löbermann

Sylvia Löbermann


+49 551 201 2533

Photo of Axel Rösch

Axel Rösch

Doctoral Student (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2577

Photo of Rita  Schmitz-Salue

Rita Schmitz-Salue


+49 551 201 2594

Photo of Sarah Schweighofer

Sarah Schweighofer

Doctoral Student (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2577

Photo of Till Stephan

Till Stephan

Doctoral Student (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2567

Photo of Stefan Stoldt

Stefan Stoldt

Postdoc (Mitochondria)

+49 551 201 2594

Photo of Daniel Stumpf

Daniel Stumpf

Doctoral Student (RSFP)

+49 551 201 2517

Former Members / Alumnis

Dr. Sebastian Schnorrenberg

Dr. Maria Kamper

Mackenzie Lee

Dr. Peter Bou Dib

Dr. Moritz Heuser

Dr. Martin Andresen

Dr. Daniel Jans

Dr. Tim Grotjohann

Dr. Michael Ratz

Dr. Lena Große

Dr. Marlen Stäglich

Dr. Christian Wurm

Martin Meschkat

Dr. Franziska Stagge

Dr. Tanja Brakemann

Dr. Susann Kummer

Dr. Daniel Neumann

Dr. André C. Stiel

Dr. Ida Suppanz

Jessica Schilde

Jana S. Wulftange (Schmitz-Salue)

Dr. Nadia Martini